Saturday 29 September 2012

Proper attendance in class indicates good performance in academics. This has been possible after the launch of KAAVAY’s product - Kollege Nanny. The installation of this software in colleges has managed not only to reduce bunking in college but in turn benefits the student to achieve higher grades. This service is proved useful to most colleges as they face a common problem i.e. parents not knowing about attendance details of their child until the year end. An instance of this situation is the recent article about a college in Goa regarding withholding of results in a local newspaper.  
The main feature of this software is that it conveys to parents, the attendance details of their wards on a monthly basis, thus allowing them to keep a track of their child’s performance in college. Besides this facility, the software also provides the service of communicating other messages to parents, such as college announcements, various events taking place in college, declaration of results etc. which may not be possible to be notified to all students’ parents instantaneously. In order to avail this facility, the parents have to subscribe to the cellular service provided by KAAVAY which then conveys their child’s attendance via SMS, when very little could be done about it.
Kollege Nanny has been already installed in many schools and colleges in Goa- Dhempe College of Arts and Science - Panaji, Dempo Higher Secondary School of Science - Panaji, G.V.M’s S.N.J.A. Higher Secondary School - Ponda, Fr. Agnel College of Arts and Commerce – Pilar and M.E.S College of Arts and Commerce – Zuarinagar. On obtaining reviews from these colleges we can deduce that this software has benefited not only the parents but also the students who are able to fare better in their academics due to proper attendance in college.
Concluding this post we would like to say that Kollege Nanny is an application that can surely bring about a change in the college life of a student. We welcome any queries, suggestions or comments you have on this product. You could also check our website for the various services we provide. If you enjoyed this post, we’d be very grateful if you’d help it spread by emailing it to a friend, or sharing it on the Social networking sites. Thank you!